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Garrett, Matthew - Final Lab Evaluation

Page history last edited by MGarrett 4 years, 11 months ago

EE47 Final Project Evaluation

Point of View

My Design was entirely centred on my requirement to get my MP3 player back to Scotland in one piece. It would have to be sturdy and, should it be broken, easily put back together. I also wanted this to be a project that I could build upon and expand, to help further my knowledge of EE as a whole while also looking at design additions that could improve, or worsen, my base project. I intended for it to be a springboard on to a greater, more complicated device. Hence, it was going to be simplistic and rather crude so that I could easily build upon it, rather than having to deconstruct it and rebuild to add a new feature.


I would like to think that I built and created a project that fulfilled precisely what I was looking for. It was simple, yet just a base. I created it in such a way that I was easily able to build upon it, I would be able to add in additional components and continue to expand everything that my project could do. From this perspective, I succeeded in what I set out to do, however, I wished that it was more aesthetically pleasing and that I had had the time to integrate more features to make a more exciting base device.


I will be the first to admit that I underestimated the amount of time that I had to complete the project. I did not have the time that I should have left aside as creating the base MP3 player, even in its barebones state, took many builds and rebuilds of the circuit for seemingly unexplained issues. This alone took the best part of a week, just to create a stable build. I did then start to work on integrating a speaker and volume system, which was successfully working in my room in dorms, but then I could not replicate that in the lab sadly. It ended up not working at all, but, should I get it working over the course of the next week or so at home, I shall definitely send an excited video on to the teaching team with it working.


Most of my code was pulled straight from the various labs. These were an invaluable addition to my project, and I would not have been able to achieve what I did without this base. However, when I started to add features like an amplifier and an analogue volume control, I mainly looked online to tutorials on Adafruit. Many of this, specifically written for their breakout boards was phenomenally helpful and made setting up an external speaker system simple and easy.

Finally, here is the basic, completed, yet broken module that I built. It’s a tad bare, naked and underdeveloped, but I really can’t wait to add to it over the next few months and to let you guys know all the cool things that you’re class has inspired me to find out more about. Thanks for a great summer and I’m sorry about this being late.


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