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Project Report

Page history last edited by Antero Eraevuori 4 years, 11 months ago

Design Point of View


I decided in the beginning of the course that I don't want to do 'just' a simple mp3-player, but something more original. My first plan was to make a portable bluetooth speaker which could be operated with hand gestures and also have visualization for the music playing. Other ideas I thought about later were a speaker with signal jammer (to prevent people at party from using their phones and rather enjoy the actual party) and a speaker with mosquito repeller ( because in Finland where I live there is a lot of mosquitos during the summer). It turned out that the first one of these two was somewhat illegal and the second one would have been too hard to validate as a working concept. I decided to put on hold all of these ideas, because I started to realize that I don't have too much of my own money to use for the project. So I started thinking about what I can do with what I've already got from labs.


My interactive device


I'm terrible at going to sleep in the evening and waking up in the morning. So I though about making something based on this and I decided to do an alarm clock that would help me with my sleeping issue.


Features to include:

     Basic alarm clock.

     Possibility to choose between intensive or 'more pleasant' alarm.

     Possibility to snooze by swinging an arm in front of the clock.

     Possibility to turn on and off a reading light by holding an arm in front of the clock.

     Possibility to turn on relaxing music that turns of after time set by theuser. 


Parts for the device:

     Arduino micro





     Real Time Clock module






I started by making a perfboard for my lab 6 mp3-player which is the basis for my project. The perfboard I was able to make is missing an amplifier circuit, reading light circuit and battery connection, but the layout can be seen. I managed to get everything in a relatively small space.

There is still space reserved for the amplifier, RTC and led circuitry.



I designed a case that I wanted to make out of wood with the front panel made out of black acrylic.

Here are pictures of the design. On the left is the upper and lower part of the case and on the right is the front of the case. (not on the same scale)





I had a lot of hardware problems. First my hardware didn't seem to work at all and I thought that the issue was in the 4050-chip. It turned out to be the display that was causing the issues and finally when I found out about that I got the hardware working. Then I had issues with mp3-decoder which randomly stopped playing the songs and I was trying to figure out this problem for a long time. At the same time I was struggling with the internally timed interrupts for my IR-sensing. Finally my arduino didn't respond anymore and I was forced to stop any further development. One other problem which I didn't figure a solution to was the RTC breakout board. The display, SD-card and the mp3-decoder use the SPI-bus but the RTC from adafruit uses I2C-buss so I couldn't integrate it with my project.





I think the project idea I had was good and doable if I just had had more time doing it (note to future summer students: take 8 units, not 10).  I think I did a good job with the perfboard and the design of the casing which I carefully planned even though I didn't have much time left. However, my project got only slightly beyond the design point. My time management for this course and project was not good. The other courses included some teamwork which consumed the most of my time and energy.


Comments (1)

zahraa@... said

at 6:24 pm on Aug 18, 2015

Dear Antero,

We like your idea multipurpose clock and we are so sorry that you have been dealing with a lot of problems. We wish you could have included a Verplank and state diagrams, because it is hard for us to see the connection between the images and the point of view. Remember that image captions always help too, especially when casual readers try to replicate the steps of your project.
It would also be a great to show the progress that you made through a video, and address any pitfalls you hit along the way. We all understand that the time constraints are difficult, and we mostly are looking for a thorough report that covers your design and construction process, regardless of the result.

Overall, great work this quarter, and we hope you had fun!

Zahra, David, Dongao, Praveen, Samyuktha, Tian, Xiangyu

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