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Homework 5

Page history last edited by Jerome Kimbrough 5 years, 1 month ago

1) new design of the MP3 player:



Parts ordered to achieve the project: 

  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Spare Arduino (which I eventually had to use)
  • 8 Ohm speakers (x3)
  • a 3.7V to 5V step-up
  • 2 audio amps


Plan B: 

  • No duality loud speaker / 3.5mm jack (with auto switch from one to the other if the jack is plugged in)
  • no bluetooth (the original MP3 player can stream music to speakers and can receive a feed and use the speakers connected to the circuit.


Project timeline:

  1. 08/01: order parts (done on 08/03)
  2. 08/05:
    • Solid works drawing finished (done in time)
    • barebones MP3 from lab 6 up and running (done)
  3. 08/07: box cut (done on time for the MP3 box but not for the speakers. Boxes for the speakers were done on 08/10)
  4. 08/12: add new components (speakers and momentary buttons used as controls and switch for general power) 








Comments (1)

David S said

at 8:59 pm on Aug 16, 2015

✓ Is this the design and plan B that you had in mind as of week 5/6, or the redesign(s) that you worked out retrospectively?

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