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Shawn Final Project! :)

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My Final Project!

What i was designing for?

I was really designing for myself with this project. I had some really nice speakers and, as a RA this summer, I was always had a bunch of kids in my room and on my computer. The problem was I couldn't control these speakers remotely so that was the problem i set out to fix it.  I wanted to make a bluetooth enabled box that i could plug into any speaker and control  from my phone I started with making an enclosure to hold the tech i needed. 
     Creating the enclosure got off to a really poor start. Solidworks was confusing and unfriendly and illustrator was only false hope. After a hopelessly misproportioned box, i finally got the design down and created the enclosure which took about a day. Designing wasn't too time consuming and it was fun but the laser cut itself took forever with the intricate designs.    

     The really fun part was designing the buttons. I used the scraps of my wood to make a little lattice structure to reinforce the buttons i glued to the buttons i had laser cut. It actually came out really nice.

     The chip i used was an RN-52 with a breakout board from Sparkfun. It came surprisingly plug and play. I just had to connect an arduino's 3.3V to it and a series of buttons to its GPIO pins and it would work. You hook up ground to ground and 3.3 to 3.3 and PWR enabled on the RN-52 chip and it boot up when the arduino booted up. I hit two bumps in the road with that though.

     The first problem was with the arduino i tried. It turned out to actually be broken. It was only supplying half the necessary voltage which took hours to finally find out. I figured there was something wrong the circuit i made or with the bluetooth chip. The button making and assembling box took about half a day.

     The second problem was the mode needed for the buttons to work had to be activated over a serial connection through a USB hardware piece which i never bought because i was positive i could connect with my arduino. After swapping out the broken arduino, i spent fruitless hours connecting and troubleshooting connections to ultimate failure. I could never get the necessary connection. The most i saw from the bluetooth chip through my arduino was a weird Y with two dots above it. So the system i made for my buttons was useless. That was more than a little heartbreaking. I ordered the necessary piece but it won't arrive until after presentations. 
     However, this wasn't too much of a problem for the ultimate purpose of the device. I had the chip powered and connectable, and it was able to stream music. So while i hadn't fully completed what i had designed, it still covered what i needed. And now i had a bunch of open space in the box so i repurposed it. I put in a false bottom to cover the electronics and it became a nice place to hold my pens, pencils, and all the  miscellaneous stuff i had on my desk. I had to cannibalize a cardboad box to cut out a bottom and supports for it to fit in my box.  

Here are a bunch of pictures of the process! 

Displaying 20150816_170010.jpg Displaying 20150816_170017.jpg


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 9d3443a6fa1c485da431072e150ac3c1


Comments (1)

zahraa@... said

at 6:48 pm on Aug 18, 2015

Dear Shawn,

We like your idea for controlling speaker remotely from your phone and we are so sorry that you have been dealing with a lot of problems. We wish you could have included a Verplank and state diagrams, because it is hard for us to see the connection between the images and the point of view. Remember that image captions always help too, especially when casual readers try to replicate the steps of your project. However you have posted an interesting video about functionality of the buttons
but it would be also great to show the progress that you made for whole process, and address any pitfalls you hit along the way. Even if you have an unfinished project, it is always a good idea to document as much as you can in your report. We all understand that the time constraints are difficult, and we mostly are looking for a thorough report that covers your design and construction process, regardless of the result.

Overall, great work this quarter, and we hope you had fun!

Zahra, David, Dongao, Praveen, Samyuktha, Tian, Xiangyu

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