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Lab 6 Report Barebones MP3 Player

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Part B:


          Describe the tone pattern you hear (i.e., high or low, how long, etc.).

          I hear a high-pitched tone, then a medium-pitched one, and finally a low-pitched tone. There is a gap of one second between each beep.


Part C:


          Tell a member of the teaching team what your song is (or better yet, play it for us).



          Does this code play all the songs in all the directories of the SD card? If not, which songs does it play? How does it keep from playing the text file?

          Yes, it increments the index of the song list. This changes the song to played. If the song is the last song, then it will switch to the "pause" state. It won't play text files because in the sd_dir_setup() function, there are operations that determine if the file name ends with mp3 or wav. This prevents the code from playing text files.


          Change the Song (or Simple_MP3_V2) program to save the current volume setting in your EEPROM, then fetch and set that value during initialization. Note that the firstmax_num_songs * max_name_len (in this case, 520) bytes of the EEPROM are used to store file names, so don't overwrite those. 





Part D:


               Draw us a quick sketch of what your circuit looks like.



          What are the pros and cons of using this method?

          The button no longer sends multiple signals every time I press it. This is useful to prevent a signal from registering multiple times. However, using a debouncer  requires more code in the program. Additionally, I may have to use timers to integrate the debouncers properly.


          Now, take what you learned to make an interrupt driven pause function for your Barebones MP3 player!




Part D-3  , the code (-0.5)?

Video (-0.5)?

we will reinstate the 1/2 point if you uploads the video, and sends an email to zahraa@stanford.edu letting us know of the update.


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