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Patil Uday Project Execution Homework

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Uday Patil

Project Execution homework Assignment


Parts to order:

Bluetooth A2DP board (non-breakout) (Buy 2)



Adafruit FM radio receiver (breakout)



Li-ion battery (already have)


Plan B

In case the bluetooth module doesn't end up working, make the project with an aux cable from the phone to fm transmitter and use the arduino to display current song and play/pause controls.



Week 7

Order Parts and figure out bluetooth module

Week 8

Spend time creating the container for the project (1-2 days)

hack the lithium Ion battery to work with the arduino or worst case have outside plugged into the arduino (1 day)

Program the bluetooth and fm comms and sending the song name and author to the lcd and program play pause button functionality and if possible, the dial for fm frequency (rest of the week)



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David S said

at 11:18 am on Aug 14, 2015

✓ This is good. How well have you been able to keep to your original plan? Keep the answer in mind for part of your final project design document.

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