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Srivatsan Akshay Homework 5

Page history last edited by Akshay Srivatsan 5 years, 2 months ago

Plan B:

A simplified modular MP3 player, containing:

  • A "main" module, which contains the Arduino, buttons, a battery, and the MP3 decoder. This will function as a standalone MP3 player without any other modules.
  • A "speaker" module, which plugs into the "main" module. This will allow for listening to music without requiring headphones.


The parts that I removed from Plan A are (in order of complexity):

  • An "LED" module, which acts as a flashlight.
  • A "Remote Control" module, which transmits television remote codes using Infrared.
  • A "display" module, which upgrades the player from the equivalent of an iPod Shuffle to an iPod Classic.
  • A standard connector so the modules can be connected in any configuration.




  • July 28 - July 31:
    • Parts arrive.
    • Finish Lab 5 and work on Lab 6.
    • Documentation: POV, Verplank Diagram, prototype, state diagram 
  • August 1 – August 5:
    • Build a working prototype on breadboards.
    • Put each module on a different breadboard and minimize the number of wires running between breadboards.
    • Minimize the number of components per board as much as possible, and test power consumption.
    • Documentation: process
  • August 5 - August 12:
    • Move the parts off the breadboard.
    • They may either be put onto perfboard or soldered directly.
    • Put the parts into their plastic cylindrical enclosure.
    • Add electrical connectors to each module.
    • Test functionality with different modules.
    • Documentation: process, code 
  • August 12 - August 15:
    • Debug/test.
    • Documentation: video
    • Finish documentation. 


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David S said

at 6:05 pm on Aug 16, 2015

✓ It seems like your Plan B worked out well. Good job!

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