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Homework Three

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What is visible to me ? A female in her mid-20's , asleep on the train while listening to music.

What would be useful for this situation ? What I think this person needs is a sensor on her headphones for her music to turn off when she falls asleep so she is aware of her surroundings when she is at rest and she will be able to hear if her stop is being called.


What is visible to me ? A male talking on the phone to his associate also coming from getting a cup of coffee.

 What would be useful for this situation ? What I think this person needs is Bluetooth headphones instead of having to deal with that long blue wire making its way all the way down to his pants which looks like it might cause some disturbance .



What is visible to me ? A adult male listening to music while doing work on his computer is a busy café in which he's trying to block out the noises around him.

What would be useful for this situation ? What this person needs are noise cancellation head phones where his music doesn't have to be to loud to the point where he is trying to block the noise but his ears are suffering from this loud music. So if he had noise cancellation head phones they would cancel out the noise around him without his music having to be so loud.


What is visible to me ? What I see is a young male listening to music on his laptop with the headphone wire wrapped behind his ear.





What is visible to me ? A man on the train listening to music and a hard focus on something on his phone trying to avoid as much interaction as possible.

What would be useful for this situation? What he needs are Bluetooth headphones as well but ones that are not visible so he doesn't look as if he's trying to avoid contact with anyone but just focused on getting to his destination which are most business men.









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David S said

at 5:04 pm on Aug 16, 2015

✓ Good job, and, I'm not seeing which image your Verplank diagram references...?

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