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Rittida Herabat 5 picture homework

Page history last edited by Rittda Herabat 5 years, 2 months ago

Here the maid is listening to music on her earphone while vacuuming the dining area. She needs to block the loud noise of the vacuum cleaner so that she can listen to music. She needs an earphone that can block background music.


This person is listening to music on his earphone while he bikes. It is against the law to put on earphones while biking. This person needs to listen to to music without needing to use an earphone. He needs to listen to music without the background noise interrupting the music. He needs a small speaker (bluetooth) that connects to his bike. 


This person is studying and listening to music on his earphone in Starbucks. However there was loud music in the background. This person needs to be able to block the background noise while listening to music. He also needs to be comfortable listening to music since he looks like he is going to study for a long time. He needs a very soft earphone that fits comfortably into his ears.


He is texting while listening to music on his earphone and walking. He looks like he is changing the song on his phone. It can be dangerous if he is looking down and walking (he may bump into something). He needs to be able to look in front of him while he changes the song. He needs a front view camera on his changing song page.  



This guy is listening to music on his earphone outside where the temperature is cold. He needs to be comfortable and warm while listening to music.He needs an ear muff that is an earphone to keep his ears warm.




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David S said

at 3:26 pm on Aug 11, 2015

✓ Good photos, and a particularly nice job on your Verplank diagram. I especially like the metaphor/model.

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