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HW3_Music, Design and Diagrams_Ongun Uzay Macar

Page history last edited by Ongun Uzay Macar 5 years ago
  1. They are trying to listen music from the computer. They need a way to relieve and enhance their music experience because they are in an uncomfortable position. For this context, I am thinking of a device which would be beneficial for up to 4 people who want to listen music from the same device with headphones since they don’t want to disturb the others.

Additional Features:

-A docking station consisting of 4 headphones.

-Headphones will be customizable in size and color. (neon will be used)

-Headphones will be wireless and Bluetooth.

-Once the user identifies the docking station on his/her computer/device, all of the headphones automatically connect to the device.

  1. He likes music a lot and he always listens to loud music. At times, this disturbs his neighbors. He doesn’t want to use headphones as he finds them disturbing. He needs a way to maintain a good quality and sound music experience whereas limiting the sound that he spreads to the environment.

Additional Features:

-Device needs to be wireless and Bluetooth.

-A large size headphones that encloses his head (neck and ears in particular).

-The speakers should be away from his ears.

-The device can be connected to a wall or a chair.

-The device should be customizable to fit different people’s heads.

  1. He likes running but he also likes listening to music while running. At times, it gets hard for him to do these two things at the same time. It is hard to run while a MP3 player rests on your pocket and the wires are oscillating randomly to left and right. Thus, he needs a way to incorporate a music player into a device that he would like to carry around while running and this shouldn’t be a distraction for him. The device I am thinking for this context is a wristband which contains your running time, running distance and also a music player.

Additional Features:

-There will be wireless earphones which look like small earrings.

-The wristband will be light and will not distract the runner.

-The runner doesn’t have to click any button as the songs will shift automatically.

-The runner will only see the running distance and time on the wristband.

-People will never understand that the runner is listening to music. At times, this could be a problem but it still is a cool thing.

-The earphones will vibrate when there is a song change or when the runner just reached duration of 1 hour.

-The users can also use this device while doing homework, cooking, playing basketball or any other thing in general.

-Thus, the device should be waterproof.

  1. He doesn’t feel good right now and he is depressed. He wants to listen to music from his phone with a headphone but he has a small amount of slow music whereas he has a large amount of metal music. Thus, it will take a lot of time for Sean to locate the slow music and start playing them. Besides, after one song is over, the phone or the music player could shift to a random rock song. Sean needs an app installed in his phone which would detect Sean’s inner feeling and would play music accordingly without him touching any button.

Additional Features:

-This could also be a new device.

-The device will look at the user’s blood pressure and understand if he is sad or happy.

-The device will also look at weather if it is sunny, rainy or snowy.

-The user will pre-categorize songs under these conditions.

-The device will detect these conditions and play songs automatically.

  1. He is listening to music and he also wants to share the music with his roommate. But he doesn’t want to plug in his phone to his computer, wait for the computer to identify the device, copy all the music to a folder, and then plug in a USB flash drive and then hand the flash drive to his friend. This would take too long. Also, he doesn’t want to stop the music right know. I need a way to share my songs fast and painless with my roommate.

Additional Features:

-The device should transfer music files when it detects a handshake or a high five.

-The device should thus be connected to the user’s hand.

-The device should transfer files quickly and without any quality loss.

The device should ask for affirmation about the songs to user who receives the songs.



Comments (2)

Ongun Uzay Macar said

at 4:18 pm on Jul 13, 2015

Two things:
1) The bigger versions of the design and Verplank diagram images can be found in the Homework folder.
2) I originally had photos of people but since my phone doesn't work, I couldn't put these photos here. However, when my phone comes alive again (I hope in a day or so), I will put the photos to the Homework folder of mine.

David S said

at 10:34 am on Aug 14, 2015

✓ Image 3 is a little difficult to make out, and image 4 is pretty interesting. Your metaphor 1 reads a little like an error, rather than a metaphor, unless I'm reading it wrong. Metaphor 2 is great.

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