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Stritter Sienna Homework 3

Page history last edited by Sienna Stritter 5 years, 3 months ago


1.This person is listening to music through headphones while running on the track. This man needs a way to control the music (pause, play, next, volume, etc.) without taking his eyes off the track or having to fumble around with his MP3 player in his pocket.







2.This person is doing the dishes while listening to music through speakers. She needs a way to control the music without using her hands, which are wet and soapy. Maybe she could have a foot pedal or button on the floor.







3.This person is using headphones to listen to music while studying. He needs a way to control the music without being distracted by all the other features on his phone, like text messages, emails, or social media notifications. It would be useful if his MP3 player was very simple and only had the necessary controls so that he wouldn’t lose all focus from his homework when controlling the music.







4.This person is using a small speaker to listen to music while she trains for soccer. She needs a way to change the song while she’s standing up or running around without having to come all the way back to the speaker. Maybe she could use a wireless remote in the form of a watch band so that she doesn’t have to hold anything while she is working out.









5.This person is listening to music in the car while driving. He needs to be able to control his music without taking his eyes from the road or his hands from the wheel. He should have buttons and controls on his steering wheel so that he can remain focused on driving even when the music needs adjusting. 





Verplank Diagram for 4:

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David S said

at 6:07 pm on Aug 16, 2015

✓ Your Verplank diagram is especially good! I think that this could be a real-world product.

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