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Srivatsan Akshay Homework 3

Page history last edited by Akshay Srivatsan 5 years, 2 months ago


The person in this photo was biking in front of Stanford while listening to music. This person needs a way to control his music while biking, as well as a way to prevent music from distracting him from traffic hazards. Also, earbuds in both ears are illegal, so this person needs a better way to listen to his music.

This person was also biking in Stanford. This person also needs a way to control his music while biking, and a way to avoid breaking the law.

This person was biking down University Avenue listening to music (it seems like a lot of people listening to music are bikers). He also needs a way to control his music while biking. In addition, since he was biking on a busy street, he needs a way for his music player to help him navigate traffic, rather than distract him. This could, for example, take the form of audible proximity warnings (like in newer cars), so he will be aware of cars around him. The audio should only play in one ear, in order to comply with California law.

This man was standing on a street checking his phone while listening to music with one earbud. He needs a way for the earbuds not to block out traffic noises (which was probably the reason for keeping one earbud out). He also needs a way for his media player to allow him to control his phone, so he doesn't have to manually interact with it.

The man in blue was walking within Stanford listening to music. He needs a way for his media player to warn him about traffic (his headphones cover his entire ear).


MP3 Player Design:

Most of my photos involved people riding a bike.

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David S said

at 6:04 pm on Aug 16, 2015

✓ Good job. Keep in mind that many aspects of the world moving by (ground, wind, direction of handlebars) could be part of the display.

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