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homework 3 final

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1). This person is studying on their laptop and writing notes in a notebook while listening to music. They need a way to change the song without having to break their concentration and look at their phone/mp3 player. A wireless remote that doubles as a pen or pencil would be a useful feature.



2). This person is listening to music while riding their bike near Tressider (It’s hard to tell, I know). They need a place to put their mp3 player while they ride their bike so that it does not move and pull the headphone out of their ear. A bike mount and controls built into/ near the handle bars would be useful features for this particular scenario.



3). This person is running while listening to music and have to hold their phone to change the song. They need a way to change their song without having to look at and use the screen. An arm band or a pocket sewn into their clothes and a way to control the mp3 through a glove with sensors wired into it would be helpful features




4). This person is walking somewhere, presumably to their dorm, while holding a seemingly heavy bag of groceries and listening to music. They need a way to change the song and volume without using their hands to hold their mp3 player because they are busy holding their groceries. This person needs a voice-activated control that has simple commands such as “next song”, “pause”, and “play” in a device such as a Bluetooth earpiece.




5). This person is riding the bus, listening to music, and doing a crossword puzzle. They need a way to hear the bus stop announcements but also have the volume loud enough the other times that they drown out the other people on the bus without having to stop their crossword puzzle and break their concentration to change the volume. Useful features for this person would be some way to hook into the Marguerite’s speaker system and an audio sensor that can sense how much background noise there is and can adjust the volume of the music player to a volume slightly above that of the background noise.


Verplank Diagram of Scenario 3:



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David S said

at 3:09 pm on Aug 11, 2015

✓ I especially like your context #1 and description. Good job on the sketches in your Verplank diagram as well.

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