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Yarnes Nathan Lab 1

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     To find the resistance I used the following calculations:

     V= (VPower Supply -VGreen LED)

     V= (5–1.85)

     V= 3.15



     R=3.15 V/.025 A

     R= 126Ω



     This resistance is a minimum resistance. If there were any less resistance the LED would likely fail.



               Using the multimeter and testing the resistance range of the potentiometer, the resistance is                ≈ 0Ω-9500Ω




     The order of the components does not matter. As long as the electronic elements are in a closed loop, each element will affect the      system indifferently in any order.





               With a nine volt battery I used the following calculations:

               V= (VBattery – VLED)

               V= (9–1.85)

               V= 7.15

               R= V/I

               R= 7.15 V/ .025 A

               R= 286Ω (Minimum Resistance)  



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