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creepy pictures homework

Page history last edited by Naman Sharma 6 years ago

This is my friend, Connor Holliday. This picture just showed up on my phone one day. I have no idea when he took this. And apparently, neither did he.

This guy had been texting for a long while, standing there. I decided that if I do take a picture of it, that’d be creepy enough.

I followed this group around campus for a while. They were having really interesting conversations about the Health Bill. They hated Obama.

This lady spilt her coffee and didn’t even know it. You see the cup right in front of her, she knocked it over with her laptop.

This old man had been sitting on this particular fire hydrant when I first saw him in the morning at around 11 am. He was still there when I came back at 1pm.

Comments (2)

Naman Sharma said

at 2:04 pm on Jul 22, 2014

I did not want to limit myself to pictures of people listening to music. Hence, i just took random images of people, that had an interesting story attached to them. :)

David S said

at 1:49 pm on Aug 19, 2014

✓- As you note, these are quite interesting situations, and I especially like the first photo. However, you're missing a discussion of what they would need regarding listening to music in their situations. We also can't find your Verplank diagram; did you upload that as well?

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