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Chau Geeling HW 3

Page history last edited by Geeling 6 years ago

5 people listening to music: HW 3: Geeling Chau


This person needs to have freedom of body movement; the earphone strings may be a hazard.

Some ways to fix these problems:
- wireless MP3

This person needs a way to keep external noises out to focus on her reading.
- larger headphones to cover entire ear (though this might look less fashionable)

This person needs a way to make sure that the headphone wires (and/or the headphones) don’t get in his way of cycling.
- wireless MP3 (again)
- speakers on the bike


This person needs a way to get his eyes off his MP3 and look forward to prevent bonking into things.
- glasses that display what is displayed on the MP3


This person needs a way to keep her hands free to have better control of her bike.
- iPhone holder on the bike so she can still speak to the phone while biking
- speakers attached to the bike. earphone amplifier?

Verplank Diagram: On-Bike Speakers!

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