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Tosborvorn Art Homework 3

Page history last edited by Art 6 years, 3 months ago

1. This person needs a way to comply with the law, while still getting stereo sound! The law (riding with at least one ear uncovered) is intended so that bikers could hear traffic coming. (Maybe a way to solve this is to have a microphone attached to the headphones, and selectively pass through only loud noises (car horn, people yelling, etc.) to the speakers.)



2. This person needs a way to secure his MP3 player better. Sport pants are quite baggy, and so they swing around a lot with the MP3 player there.



3. This person needs a way to get encouragement through his earphones while he's running.



4. These people need a way to talk to each other without having to take their headphones off.



5. This person needs a way to secure her MP3 player without having to hold it.



Verplank diagram


Comments (1)

David S said

at 1:56 pm on Aug 19, 2014

✓ You have a good point with photo 1: most people aren't even aware of the law to keep one ear uncovered while riding a bike.

Regarding the Verplank diagram, the metaphor is good, although rather close to the idea itself. The strongest metaphors are those from a very different domain. How about something as simple as a group in conversation, or at a concert, where one person leans over and whispers (yells?) into the ear of his or her neighbor?

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