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Alex - HW 3

Page history last edited by Alex Sartin 7 years, 2 months ago






In this pictures this people are studying and listening to music. (i could capture the headphones).

This people need: A feature in the MP3 player that plays only calm music so they don't get distracted with it.


In this picture we me and my friends are all together traveling by car and listening to music.
This people need a way to: integrate the music player with the GPS and car notification system. So they have everything in one place.


This person is trying to search a song in his mp3 player to show it to me. But the device has no display (only buttons).

This person needs a way to: Better look for his music. Either with a small display or with a voice recognize system.


This person is getting on the bike to ride it.

This person needs a way to: Clip the mp3 device to him so it doesn't bother when getting on the bike 


This person is relaxing and reading in his laptop (mp3 device).

This person needs a way to:... wait. nothing.. He's using a macbook (apple product) that has everything on it xD
Buttons to pause, change the music and volume are reachable with one touch.






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Matt Galla said

at 4:05 pm on Aug 20, 2013

Wah! Upside-down picture! Received :)

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