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Hajime Hayano Final Project Documentation

Page history last edited by Hajime Hayano 7 years, 9 months ago

Final Project: Bluetooth Communicator

Since I am the type of person to sing in the shower, I wanted to design a mp3 player which I could take in the shower and sing to. 


Verplank Diagram

Basic State Diagram


Before talking to Marlo and the TA's, I was thinking of making a waterproof mp3 player to bring in the shower. My design was based on putting all the components into a round waterproof tupperware to bring to the shower. I realized after talking to them that waterproofing everything will be extremely difficult, so I ended up trying to use bluetooth to connect to a bluetooth wireless waterproof speaker. The mp3 player can be in a waterproof case, and it can be left outside of the actual shower. 


Since I did not finish my project, I will list all the mistakes I made in the making of this project that made me unable to finish my project. 

1. I bought a part that was very hard to work with, when there was another alternate part that could have easily solved my problems. 

I had bought the bluetooth chip without realizing that I didn't buy the breakout board version. Soldering the bare chip was practically impossible, and that leads to my next mistake. 

2. I did not buy my parts early enough.

I had bought my parts too late. If I had bought my parts earlier, I could have bought the breakout board version of the bluetooth chip, but when I received the chip, it was already too late to order another part and make the project in time. 


Comments (1)

Jessica Faruque said

at 8:41 pm on Aug 19, 2013

Thank you for your submission. We love your intro and lead-in into the description of your project! You had a very specific and very useful application that was clearly motivated, and have a great sense of design point of view. Your Verplanck diagram is quite illustrative of this.

Your sketches and state diagram are great, and provide a clear roadmap for how to proceed. We wish you had added some more explanation of each of the diagrams.

We appreciate how you listed all of the challenges you had that made it difficult for you to finish this project. We wish you had given us more details, for example telling us about the pitfalls of the part that you bought, both for our understanding and so that future designers would not choose that same part. Also, we wish you could discuss more possible solutions to the issues you had, such as ordering a new part, soldering other pins to the part you did have, etc.

We realize how difficult it is to achieve everything you want to in a short amount of time, and we wish that you had provided more documentation on all of the work you did do. You mentioned that you had a bare-bones mp3 player, and we would have loved to see photos and details of what did work.

We hope you do eventually get your mp3 play built; if you do, please do update your post. (And have a great time singing in the shower!)

- Jessica, David, Kevin, Matt, Vivien

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