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Daniel Spruill_Hw3

Page history last edited by Daniel Spruill 7 years, 2 months ago

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David S said

at 6:31 pm on Aug 19, 2013

✓- Your Verplank diagrams are fine, but we can't find your 5 photos and answers to "this user needs a way to..."

Regarding diagram #1, remember that a metaphor is a very familiar idea, object or product (or combination of these) in another domain, something other than music or devices. That makes it easier for you to express your idea to someone else, as well as giving you a strong guide during your development process. In this case, your metaphor is exactly your idea. Instead, what about something like one of those spy movie cigarette lighters that doubles as a camera?

Again in diagram #2, the metaphor is just your idea, only with a different sketch. Your sketches are good, and we encourage you to sketch more, and we'd like you to think harder about metaphors. In this case, what about the way that women tie their hair up in braids or a bow to keep it from flipping into their faces and eyes in the wind?

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