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  • She is listening to music while studying/doing homework.
  • This person needs a way to keep focused and not be distracted by the surrounding environment.
    • Intermittently gives encouraging phrases.
    • Noise-cancelling.



  • People are listening to this music at a concert. 
  • These people need a way to listen to the concert and understand the words, and not be distracted by other people.
    • Better audio equipment.
    • Personal audio devices to listen to the concert.



  • Listening to music on a bus.  It was playing very loudly.
  • This person needs a way to be able to listen to their music without negatively affecting others.
    • Noise-cancelling so that they don't have to play so loud.
    • Better fit around ears so that there is less sound leaking.
    • Have both in-ear and over-ear components to single headphone set
    • "Public transit" setting (kind of like Airplane mode)




    • Sharing headphones on public transit.
    • These people need a way to share their music easily and effectively.
      • Ear buds that can be in either 2 or 4 pieces. 2 pieces for a single person, or each ear bud breaks into 2 pieces for a total of 4 sound playing pieces for 2 separate people.
      • Wireless ear buds.




      • Working on a DJ set (admittedly not candid, but I thought it was an interesting situation).
      • Need to be able to hear crowd/speakers, but also queued up songs coming out of headphones.
        • Open-can headphones that are normally off so as to hear outside sounds, but then turns on when a button is pressed and closes the can to isolate sound coming from headphones.
        • One-eared headphones (only one headphone for one ear, other ear is left open).

      Comments (1)

      David S said

      at 10:29 am on Aug 20, 2013

      ✓+ Nice job on your photos, user needs and Verplank diagrams!

      For person #1, I like your creative idea about being distracted and providing encouraging phrases. For person #3, I like your observation about how loud earphones can intrude on other people. I also wonder if it's a need of the person listening to the music, or of the other people. I like your idea of airplane mode too.

      Good job describing your headphone ideas. For the first metaphor, you did a great job thinking of a camera with its manual (or automatic) settings. Likewise for the second with the sun shades. Well done overall!

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