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Page history last edited by Benjamin Williams 7 years, 3 months ago

Girl eating during lunch and listening to music. This person needs a more efficient way to control her musical device. Tactile/pushable buttons would help the situation - she would be able to push the buttons with her elbows and control her device.

Guy sleeping and listening to music. When he wakes up his ear (the one pressed against the pillow) will probably hurt due to the headphone in his ear. This person needs a way to play music without headphones: Speakers

Two guys are hanging out together and listening to music but in order to share a song they need to exchange headphones. These guys need a way to listen to the same song at the same exact time. If a musical device had two auxiliary ports then they could listen to the same song at the same time using their own headphones together.

This girl is using her computer in class but listening to music on her MP3 player. In order to control the MP3 player she needs to reach and grab it, and from there navigate to the song she wants to listen to. This person needs a way to control her MP3 player directly from her computer - that would be more efficient for her purposes.

This guy is listening to his music in class but wants to also pay attention to what his professor is saying. Blasting music may be distracting for him, but a white noise feature may not. This person needs a way to listen to music but remain focused. Having a white noise option integrated into the MP3 player may be a nice addition for his purposes. 

Comments (1)

David S said

at 4:41 pm on Aug 10, 2013

These are good photos, descriptions and needs, although they've all been taken within your dormitory or classroom. Try to get outside and watch people around campus, or even off-campus!

For person #5, I wonder if white noise would be helpful during class, or maybe better when trying to sleep at home with other sounds (talking roommate, etc.) intruding on the space.

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