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Page history last edited by Luiz Guilherme Correa Louro 7 years, 2 months ago

Luiz Guilherme Correa Louro

EE47 – Press Play

David Sirkin

July 15th, 2013

Home Work 3

  • 5 Pictures:

  • Picture 1 : Woman listening to music seated on a bench

"This person needs a way to...?"

Fix the mp3 player at some part so she doesn’t need to hold it or a support for the mp3 player so she can read or do other things without worrying about the device. Function to change to back ground music, so she can do other thing and the music will be calm and low.

  • Picture 2 : Guy walking , carrying a backpack and listening to music

"This person needs a way to...?"

Fix the mp3 player at some part of the backpack so he doesn’t need to hold it. The mp3 player can tell him if he has some class and needs to hurry up.

  • Picture 3 : Woman listening to music while walking or running

"This person needs a way to...?"

Fix, pin the mp3 player at some part so she don’t need to hold it. It should be well fixed so it will not fall. If the woman is running the music gets louder and when she is walking it gets lower. It only happens if the running mode is activated. It would be a separated part of the device that would be added when the person is going to run or walk as physical exercise.

  • Picture 4: Guy listening to music at starbucks while using a laptop

MusicaAtStarbucks from The New York Times web site

A Starbucks customer listening to his iPod while on the Web in Manhattan


"This person needs a way to...?"

Recognize the music is being played at starbucks and play in his mp3 player, if he do not have the music tell him to download it.

  • Picture 5: Guy listening to music at a park

"This person needs a way to...?"

Add speakers to his mp3 player so he can play or walk around while music is playing.


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David S said

at 4:49 pm on Aug 11, 2013

✓ Good job on your photos and need statements. The photos you took of people are generally from very far away. Don't be shy to approach people to take their photo. If they don't want to be photographed, they'll let you know.

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