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Kingston Tam: HW 6

Page history last edited by Kingston Tam 7 years, 2 months ago

Kingston Tam HW 6


Plan B


Create a Wi-Fi player that does not stream mp3 but allows remote control, e.g. selecting playlist/play/pause etc.  It'll be useful if you ever want to hook up the speakers but keep your phone.  It overcomes the hurdle of having enough bandwidth to stream mp3s through an electric imp.



Plan C

Assuming the Electric Imp fails to work, there's a simple-to-use running mp3 player, which will function by tap in a cloth enclosure.  It'll allow you to control the mp3 player by tapping it, e.g. tap once to play/pause and hold down to change playlists (which will announce the playlists one at a time to allow you to tap the one you want).

Project Timeline

  • 5/14/13: Create preliminary plans for players
  • 5/20/13: Code up mobile web app to control the mp3 player + stream mp3s
  • 5/28/13: Assemble electric imp on board and test transfer of data
  • 5/30/13: Build enclosure for electric imp
  • 6/1/13: Test and polish 

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