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KT HW 5: Interaction Diagramming

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Pictures of People Listening to Music

Car Setting


The two people in the front are listening to music on the way to a 5K run, playing from a tape.


Features that would be useful:

  • Better pre-arranged music to avoid having to have someone constantly DJ
  • Likely an AUX cable in the car would've been better than a tape adapter
  • Allowing the driver to change the song without taking his hand off the wheel (in this case it's fine with another passenger, but if there isn't, it's a lot harder) 

Running Setting


Person running Lake Lagunita carrying his phone and listening to music from his earphones


Possible features:

  • Attaching the phone to his shorts somehow to avoid carrying them.
  • Fix the earbuds so you don't hear the sound of moving up and down (which you can hear through the cables)
  • Having an idea for how long/fast you've run so you can get live updates as you run


Concert Setting

A large number of people listening to an electronic dance music concert after a run.


Possible features:

  • Improving the acoustics so a broader range of people could hear the music
  • Creating an elevated stage/ascending platform so people can see the stage.
  • Syncing the electric lights with the music


Youtube Surfing

My roommate, who is a classical pianist, listening to classical music on YouTube after coming back.


Possible features:

  • Automatic playback upon returning to the room
  • Playback automatically through wireless speakers (note: disconnected speaker cable)
  • Darken lighting automatically when watching the video


Sleeping Setting

Two people sleeping/napping to the music playing from the laptop.


Possible features:

  • Auto-turn off music if it detects you've fallen asleep
  • Play calmer music depending on the mood/activity in the room
  • (or in some cases, ramp up the music if it senses you've fallen asleep)



MP3 Sketches

Running Application

Sleeping Application


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