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Homework Week 5- Interaction Diagramming (Shane Leonard)

Page history last edited by Shane Leonard 7 years, 6 months ago

Here are some pictures of people in different situations listening to music:



This situation is unfortunately common--people listening to music while biking

(I couldn't get a picture of this because people bike by too quickly)



A group of friends listening to Jack Johnson, studying, and enjoying the sunshine



Focused studying at the library



Playing ping-pong in the lounge and hanging out with friends



Music during a meal at Stern


This person needs a way to...

A) ...be safe! The mp3 player needs a way to be turned off easily and quickly in busy traffic areas (like the Circle of Death)

    ...control the mp3 player without looking at a screen. This could be done through gestures or voice command.


B) ...collaborate. Every member of the group should be able to select and play songs easily.

    ...share their musical tastes with nearby people. Onlookers should be able to find out information about the songs that the group is enjoying.

    Both of these needs could be addressed by having the mp3 player controlled over a wireless network.


C) ...stay distraction free. Music is an awesome study buddy, except when you have to spend lots of time fiddling with playlists or digging through the piles of homework on your desk to find your mp3 player. This can be resolved somewhat with gesture control, so you don't have to take your eyes off of your homework.


D) ...control the mp3 player remotely (and remote-free). No one wants to stop playing ping-pong just to make sure your iPod skips your embarrassing guilty pleasure music.


E) ...stay aware of surroundings. Like the biker, this mp3 player should be able to be paused/resumed/volume controlled without a hassle. This feature would allow fluidity between music and conversation.


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