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Jessica (homework 4)

Page history last edited by Jessica 7 years, 2 months ago

Context 1: working (coding) in a room with friends. This person only has one earbud in and another out so he can talk to friends while he's working. It may be useful to have very easily accessible music controls (without having to distract from his work).


Context 2: a group of people listening to music using speakers, just chilling on a weekday night. Every time they wanted to control the music they had to go back to the mp3 player that was connected to the speakers. It may be convenient to have a wirelessly controlled mp3 in this case or wireless speakers.


Context 3: a group of people listening to music while driving (connecting a mobile device to the car for music). The person driving could not control the music at all, so some sort of handsless music control would be useful. The driver would also have to look away from the road to choose songs, so maybe voice recognition would be useful, or maybe if the device was mounted somewhere that wouldn't need the driver to look away or take a hand off the steering wheel.


Context 4: a group of people cleaning up the dining area and kitchen while listening to music to boost up their energy. People are moving around and some are probably farther away from the speakers, and anyone who wants to control the music has to go back to the mp3 player which is connected to the speakers. Thus, maybe individual mp3 players with a handsless control system would be useful.


Context 5: my roommate is listening to music using headphones that drown out noise while working and browsing the web.



Chosen contexts: driving (1) and chilling with friends (2)







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