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Homework 2: Printer Teardown

Page history last edited by Jay Minga 7 years, 5 months ago

Printer Teardown:









Functional Schematic



Mechanical Schematic




Electrical Schematic




List of Things Discovered


  • Conveyor Belt Like Movement of Scanner Head Underneath Glass Bed
    • the gear-tooth rail is part of the plastic form of the printer top and
    • the motor that pushes the scanner head is mounted to move with the scanner head
    • a surprising amount of electronic board is mounted inside the scanner head assembly that moves with the scanner head
  • Conveyor Belt Movement for Ink Cartri
  • Locking spring-loaded mechanism for ink cartridges 


List of Unanswered Questions from the Dissection

  • How much friction will likely cause the plastic-covered electrical connection bands to wear and 'fray' and short out the device?
  • The materials seems so light and likely to break easily. Is this an intentional design with planned obsolescence in mind? 


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