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Syllabus Spring 2013

Page history last edited by Wendy Ju 7 years, 4 months ago

  Schedule (subject to change)


Wednesday Lab

April 1st


April 3rd

Power, Basic Sensor Circuits

Orientation & Oscilloscope, LED Lab

April 8th

Microcontroller Architecture

April 10th

Hacking and Prototyping
(meet in class, going to Room 36, BE SAFETY TRAINED BEFORE THIS CLASS)


April 15th

Introduction to Firmware Programming

April 17th

Guest lecture: Bill Verplank on Interaction Design

Digital Timer

April 22rd

Displays and Actuators

April 24th

Point of View, Usability



Data Logger

April 29th

Communication, Cables, Connectors & Other Mechanical Concerns

(Kai Zang lecturing!)

May 1st

Laura Huntley guest lecturing



May 6th

Project Concept review


May 8th

Project Concept review (part b)

Using ICs



Barebones MP3

May 13th

Guest lecture: Danielle Cojuangco, Proteus

Special Topics: VS1053 Features

May 15th

Special Topics: Computer Aided Design/PCB
--Studio time for projects-- 

May 20th

Guest Lecture: Mike Kuniavsky, PARC/Sketching In Hardware

May 22rd

Special Topics:

Motors, solenoids and other actuators

--Studio time for projects-- 

May 27th 


May 29th

Working Prototype Demonstrations (In Class)

--Studio time for projects-- 

June 3rd

Last minute firefighting

June 5th

Final Presentations (In Class)

Final presentation documentation due by Friday 


Shop training and fees

There is a large physical making component to this class. You will need to complete safety training (online schedule) and buy a shop pass with the Product Realization Lab (flyer). The safety training is ~1.25 hours; the shop pass for the quarter is $50.  TO SIGN UP FOR SAFETY TRAINING: Log into  https://www.stanford.edu/group/prl/cgi-bin/drupal/, and click on "Safety Classes Sign-Up")


Late policy

Homework assignments will be due in class on Tuesdays. Lab assignments will be due by class on Thursdays. Since the labs are cumulative--that is, each one depends on your understanding of the previous one--it is essential to stay caught up. If you will be absent or late with your assignment or lab for some (very good) reason, you should get this cleared prior to the deadline with the instructor.



Your final grade will reflect your performance on the following:

Lab assignments (40%)

Final project (25%)

Homework assignments (25%)

Class participation (10%) 


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