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Lab 6-Pavan

Page history last edited by Benjamin Tee 7 years, 10 months ago

a. Describe the tone pattern you hear (ie, high or low?  how long? etc)


It is one second on and one second off. It starts low and gets higher thrice and repeats.

a. Tell a member of the teaching team what your song is (or better yet, play it for us). If you don't know the name, just decipher some of the lyrics.


What a little bit of love can do.

b. Does this code play all the songs in all the directories of the SD card? If not, which songs does it play? How does it keep from playing the text file?


No, it does not play all songs in all folders, it only plays the song in the main directory.

It plays all the songs and just stops after playing the last song.

b. What are the pros and cons of using this method (using debounce)?


This method makes the buttton work way better.

If the button is held for more than 200 milli-seconds it doesnt work.








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Benjamin Tee said

at 12:03 am on Aug 21, 2012

-0.5 for missing sketch of interrupt

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