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lab 6

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Describe the tone pattern you hear (ie, high or low?  how long? etc)

there are 3, low medium high tones each playing with a small gap in between, and with a decreasing pitch


Does this code play all the songs in all the directories of the SD card? If not, which songs does it play? How does it keep from playing the text file?

unless they are mp3 files they can all play as it checks the extension before adding it to the EEPROM. and it keeps from playing the text file by pausing after the

specified number of songs.


Tell a member of the teaching team what your song is (or better yet, play it for us). If you don't know the name, just decipher some of the lyrics.

What a little bit of love can do. by: Jeff Bridges.

Draw us a quick sketch of what your circuit looks like.

voltage - resistor - input pin - button -ground

|                                                                |


What are the pros and cons of using this method? 

the pros are that there are no more bouncing problems, but the bad side is that

it calls read, in a loping function to get the inputs.




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at 11:58 pm on Aug 20, 2012

-1 missing part D code
-1 missing mp3 player video

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