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Page history last edited by David S 8 years, 2 months ago



project code is here: http://pressplay.pbworks.com/w/page/57699429/my_mp3_player_code

and here: http://pressplay.pbworks.com/w/page/57699433/My_mp3_player_interface_code

I haven't changed the "id3tags" and "utilities" tabs in the backbone mp3-player code.


Comments (2)

David S said

at 12:27 am on Aug 22, 2012

You've build a very elegant player, and we really like it! We like that you packaged your components in a nicely-fabricated housing, used direct and visible controls (especially the volume indicator on your GLCD), and included a high-resolution video that showcases all of these quite well.

We wish that you had included more explanation of your player's design, including your point-of-view (who is the player for, and under what circumstances would he/she use it?), original (FM transmitter) and eventual (self-contained player) designs, and process (what was easy, difficult, or changed along the way, and why did it change?). We also wish that you had included photos of your process, prototypes and final player.

We want to learn more about your intention to integrate an FM transmitter into the player. Do you still plan to do so? If so, tell us what parts you purchased (or intend to purchase) and how that would work. For example, would you just tune a radio to a weak station and broadcast your music to the radio connected to speakers?

It's a well-executed project, so we want to see more detail! Keep us updated on whether you integrate the FM transmitter...

David, Kai, Yusi and Ben

David Boinagrov said

at 10:16 pm on Sep 4, 2012

Dear EE-47 team,

I'm sorry for the late response - I just got back to campus from the vacation, which I took the same night we had the project presentation. Thanks for your review of my project and your feedback. I am still willing to include the FM-transmitter in the player - I have laser-cut the larger acrylic box components for that purpose and purchased the FM-transmitter. It is supposed to be listened on the FM-radio or with earphones. And I will include a more detailed description of player and its building process as you have asked.


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