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Homework 4 - Sylvie

Page history last edited by Sylvie 8 years, 3 months ago

Sylvie Bryant



EE47 Homework 4

**I handed in the second part of HW4 in class (two mp3 player sketches and Verplank diagrams)**


Boombox robot

This robot needs a way to muster a crowd around him.

-Call to action to the crowd around to dance

-Could use a boombox robot posse

-Good music


Listening to music while sketching

These people need a way to have music heighten the experience of drawing.

-Need peppy music for quick 10 second sketches.

-Need more relaxing music for longer 10 min sketches.

-No lyrics, may be distracting.

-Non-invasive music.


Street party with Live DJ indoors

The DJ needs a way to keep the crowd excited and happy.

-Good music

-People dancing (and drinking)


Karaoke party

The crowd needs a way to enjoy other people’s singing, whether they sound good or bad.

-Add autotune or get help from a real singer to overlay over the singer if the singer is crappy.

-Allow audience to switch the singer or song.


Black light party at a friend’s apartment

This person needs a way to turn his apartment into party central easily.

-Need more fun lights, disco ball, fog machine.

-Needs to be able to change from normal light to black light easily (without having to change the bulb).

-Need someone to start dancing to get others to dance.

Comments (1)

David S said

at 4:14 pm on Aug 17, 2012

✔ Nice job! I really like the boombox robot in picture 1: good find! What kind of music would you recommend for picture #2? Picture #3 reads a lot like your project. Way to go!

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