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Labs Summer 2012

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Your lab reports should follow the Lab Report Guidelines.


The EE 47 Lab is Packard 052. Times are set for:


  • Wed 7-9pm
  • Thu 7-9pm
  • Fri 4-6pm


You'll be signed up for a particular lab, but you can attend a different day for a given lab if needed (email if you need to switch).


To login to the computers in the lab use the following pattern:

User: win\SUnetID

Password: SUnetID Password

where 'SUnetID' is your axess login account information.


Many of the labs have videos as deliverables. Here are notes on how to take short range videos using the lab camera.


(While it is fine to peruse future labs here, lab instructions will be updated the week of the lab. Proceed at your own risk.)


Lab 1: Lab Orientation, Equipment Training, and LED Light

Where we show you around the Packard 052 lab, and show you the basics of using the oscilloscope, the power supply, the soldering iron, etc. Then you build a basic LED light circuit.


Lab 2: Make Your Own LED Light

Where you apply what you've learned about basic electronic components to control an LED light for some specific purpose of your own devising.


Lab 3: Digital Timer  

Where you learn to make sounds, use resistance-changing sensors, and use an embedded microcontroller to drive a 16x2 LCD.


Lab 4: Make a Data Logger  

Where you learn to use more sensors and log the data to the Arduino's storage!


Lab 5: Etch-a-Sketch 

Where you use graphical displays and read/write to external data storage.


Lab 6: Barebones MP3 player 

Where you build a simple MP3 player, something to ensure a modicum of success on your eventual final project.

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