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Assignments Summer 2012

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Date Topic/Notes Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
07/02 Introduction 
  • Schematic drawing of what you think is in an MP3 player.
  • Sign up to be a "writer" of this wiki webspace by clicking on the link in the email you were sent or by click on the "to join this workspace, request access" link on the right.
  • Read Johnny Lee's thought piece on the re-emergence of DIY vs. big organizations.
  • Reading: Practical Electronics for Inventors (Scherz), Chapters 2.1-2.16 (Current to Kirchoff's Laws), 3.1-3.3, and 3.5.


07/09 Schematics, Microcontrollers
  • Product Dissection: Choose an interactive device that you enjoy using. You don't have to do a literal dissection, but figure out, as much as possible, how it works. Draw functional, mechanical, and electrical schematics of how it works. Dedicate at least a page to each schematic drawing. Also keep a list of things you have discovered and another list of unanswered questions from the dissection.


07/16 Prototyping


07/16 Interaction Diagramming
  • Take 5 pictures of people listening to music in different situations. Write a (very!) brief description for each picture to explain what is going on. Then for each one, answer the question: "This person needs a way to...?" and write a few notes about what features would be useful in that context.
  • Read the Interaction Design Sketchbook by Bill Verplank. 
  • Pick 2 of the contexts above and develop a (rough!) MP3 player design for each. Make a Verplank diagram for each design.
  • Reading: Practical Electronics for Inventors (Scherz): Chapters 4.3, 5.3, 10.1, 13.1-13.3.


07/23 Project Plan
  • Develop a preliminary plan for your MP3 player design.
    • Include as much as possible, such as what parts you plan to order (or what kind of parts you are shopping for). This includes displays, sensors, knobs, buttons, levers, ICs, etc.
  • If you are entertaining multiple design possibilities, develop preliminary plans for all of your designs. Try to keep some common basis across your designs...
  • Enumerate key challenges that need to be solved. This can include sourcing materials, figuring out technologies or understanding situations or users. 


07/30 Project Execution
  • Read the VS1053 data sheet. Post questions about the decoder to Piazza.
  • Rework your MP3 player design, thinking about hardware and a housing.
  • Order any specialty parts needed for your MP3 player.
  • Propose a "Plan B" MP3 player design that removes one or two of the major technology challenges, but still presents a viable, working music player. 





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