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Lectures Summer 2012

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This is where Lecture Notes will be posted following lecture.


The Lecture Notes are not meant to be a good substitute for attending lecture.


June 25. 01 Introduction

         Application/Survey : Fill this out and send it to the teaching team if you missed the first class.

June 27. 02 Circuits & Schematics

July  02. 03 Microcontrollers

              1st Programming Tutorial

July  09. 04 Hacking & Prototyping

July  11. 05 Firmware Programming

              SwitchState Code Archive

July 16.  06 Displays

              2nd Programming Tutorial

July 18.  07 Interaction Design

July 23.  08 Needfinding

July 25.  09 Communication, Cables & Connectors

July 30.  10 Usability & Point-of-View

Aug 01. 11 Debugging & Barebones MP3 Player

             11 Power, Batteries & Speakers

Aug 06. 12 Using ICs

Aug 08. Special Topics

Aug 13. ECAD

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