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Creating Bitmaps

Page history last edited by Akil Srinivasan 9 years ago

BitmapToLCD.class should run on any system with Java 6 : just run java BitmapToLCD yourbitmap.bmp via the command line within the directory you've put BitmapToLCD.class. To store the output to a text file, run java BitmapToLCD yourbitmap.bmp > yourfile.txt


In Windows, you can access a command prompt by typing 'cmd' in Start -> run or 'window icon' -> search in windows 7.  To move to a different directory use the 'cd' command.  Move to the directory with your bitmap file and the BitmapToLCD file (above).  For example, if both of these files are in C:\my_files\ , I would type cd C:\my_files


Then, we run the java program:  java BitmapToLCD yourbitmap.bmp This will output the LCD matrix values to the command window. You can also output to a file. For example, you would type java BitmapToLCD yourbitmap.bmp > yourfile.txt 


You can then copy that matrix into your Arduino .h file. Take a look at  pony_bmp.h in GraphicExample if your're confused.

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