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Aditya EE47 Lab 3

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Aditya Manikantan EE47: Press Play David Sirkin and Akil Srinivasan

Lab 3: Make A Digital Timer

Part A: Making Sounds

  1. How would you change the code to make the song play twice as fast? 

  1. What song is playing? ;-)


Part B: Writing to the LCD

  1. What voltage level do you need to power your display?

I need a voltage between 4.5V and 5.5V to power my LCD display ✔ Great that you read the datasheet!

  1. What was one mistake you made when wiring up the display? How did you fix it?

One mistake I made was that I wired my buttons to the wrong side of the Teensy. I fixed them by looking at the Teensy card to help wire my buttons to the right pin. 

  1. What line of code do you need to change to make it flash your name instead of "Hello World"?

Change this: lcd.print("hello, world!"); 

To this: lcd.print("Aditya Manikantan"); 







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