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Assignment 4

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Sleeping: Users like to sleep while listening to music


These are good pictures, but we also asked you to include descriptions of features that would be useful in each context. So for example, for the sleeping user above, the player might detect that it's oriented horizontally, infer that he fell asleep, play some sleepy-time music for a while, then sound an alarm when it's getting close to his next appointment time.


Using the computer: Users listening to music while using the computer


Person fumbling for something in pocket while listening to mp3. Maybe he is trying to change the song or increase the volume. Or he could be using the phone function of the mp3 player?


Is he sleeping or reading? Can users read and listen to music at the same time? What kind of music?


Listening to music and walking at the same time. 


Is there a way that the MP3 player could continue playing his music, but also allow him to hear ambient sounds (like an approaching) car when needed?

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