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Lab 3 - Spencer Shulem

Page history last edited by Benjamin Tee 8 years, 11 months ago


a. How would you change the code to make the song play twice as fast?

To make it go twice as fast you would need too...

int noteDuration = 1000/noteDurations[thisNote];

could be changed to:

int noteDuration = 500/noteDurations[thisNote]; 

b. What song is playing? ;-)


star wars theme song 



a. What voltage level do you need to power your display?

2.7v - 5.5v ✔ Great that you read the datasheet. Note that there is a disparity in the sparkfun datasheet and the extended datasheet. Did you try 2.7V and see if the LCD works? I think 2.7V might be too low..


b. What was one mistake you made when wiring up the display? How did you fix it?


The first I didn't have a mistake. After I just accidentally plugged a port into the wrong one on the teensy and just figured it out and plugged it into the right hole. 


c. What line of code do you need to change to make it flash your name instead of "Hello World"?

I could switch the line:

lcd.print("hello, world!");


lcd.print(“Spencer P. Shulem"); 





a. Make a short video showing how your timer works, and what happens when time is up!




b. Post a link to the Lab 3 Timers Hall of Fame.

Posted. ✔ 

Good job on the timer. Although it certainly lacks some functionality in terms of the ability to change the countdown time.. Try to use more of the various controls available to allow the user to interact better with your product :)



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