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Final Project Page

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Phil Chen

TouchScreen MP3 Player


The Idea
For my final project, I wanted to build a touch screen mp3 player. For the most part, I wanted to build a desk music player [the idea was not for the MP3 player to be portable], that could double as an alarm clock, etc. I had also wanted to, and probably will do, add a photo sensor to be able to detect when I am in the room, etc and turn on and off accordingly. After receiving the LCD though, I decided I wanted to invest a little bit more time into the aesthetics, (not to mention that the LCD + touch screen combination required a lot of pins).


The Materials
VS1033D MP3 Decoder Chip [Sparkfun] $20

Arduino Nano [Amazon] $35

Audio Jack Breakout Board [Sparkfun] (note: the breakout board is incorrectly labeled, at least the one I used is) $2
Audio Jack [Sparkfun] $2

2.8" 18-bit color TFT LCD with Breakout Board [Adafruit] (note: they now also have an Arduino shield) $40
SD Card + Reader

10k Resistor (?)

Button (Optional) (?)

Wires (?)

Overall cost ~ 110 dollars

The Case

For the case, I wanted something simple, but sleek, as well as allowing for future developments. For this purpose, I just to create a black acryllic casing in the shape of a box. I decided to make such a large box (even though the parts don't really take up that much space) in order to accommodate for future additions, (such as an audio amplifiers, speakers, or batteries). I added some dovetail-esque cuts to the edges of the box in order to provide some stability. Additionally, the dovetailing enabled me to allow some pieces to easily be removed and put back together without compromising the structural integrity of the case (as well as easy to make changes to the inside).


Illustrator Files



The Wiring

The Code
Beware! Not thoroughly debugged!

Actual Code + Defines


The Finished Product

(The buttons are custom made, I'd be willing to share the files if anybody wanted them)

Feature Summary:
Volume Display/Mute


Play-list functionality
ID3 Tag reader
TouchScreen/Menu display

External Power-source (As well as USB)

Future Improvements
Customized Back Panel (openings for audio out, etc)
Built-in speakers (?)

Audio amplifier
Battery add-on (?)
Expanded play-list functionality (Create playlists, modify playlists)

Song selection (Rather than playing directly)

Size reduction (?)

Contact me @



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