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Final project solution share

Page history last edited by Scott Bertics 8 years, 11 months ago

Post the biggest problem you've had on your project to date and how you solved it!


Scott Bertics -- My biggest problem involved properly configuring the xbee's for wireless communication.  I solved this by reading/ memorizing the datasheet, buying an xbee explorer chip, and finding several tutorials on xbee configuration.


Casey -- My biggest problem was making the sensor grid detect multiple chess pieces; the power would spread backwards through the grid.  I solved this by adding diodes on the power lines to keep the electricity from going where it shouldn't.


Richard -- My biggest problem was how to prevent the contacts on the perf-board from shorting, I solved this by heat-shrinking the leads where they were in close proximity to each other.


Jorge Ramirez-- My biggest problem was to learn how to use the laser cut, but asking to Bianca and thanks to Benjamin I learn quickly and I could get my device hardcase.

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