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Listening to Music

Page history last edited by Jomar 9 years, 2 months ago

This is a big dance party in my dorm. Music was played through loud speakers in the dorm. Maybe I can put some sort of speakers on my mp3 device so that a number of people can listen communally.



This is my good friend W. listening to music on his high quality Shure headphones. This makes me want to allow any nice quality headphones to work with the device.


This is at a concert at NSO in the Frost Amphitheater. For my Mp3 device I can maybe create a rating/popularity system to see the rating of this song or band.



This a bunch of people in our dorm listening to techno music and watching a laser show that corresponds with the music. For my mp3 player, a laser might be a bit advanced, but I could maybe trigger some LED depending on the rhythm of the music.

This is my cool roommate and good friend listening and laughing about music from a computer. I realized that people always appreciate a good sense of humor. So maybe I can make my interactive designs clever, unique, and amusing.


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