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Trevor Kalkus!

EE47: Press Play

Lab Report #1


2a)What resistance do you need to limit current to 20 mA?

V=IR V=5V I=20mA

R = V/I= 250 Ohms


b)Is 220 ohms a maximum or minimum resistance?



C)What is the resistance range of the potentiometer?

0-10 KOhm


3a) Does it matter what order the components of your circuit are arranged between power and ground? Why or why not?

The order of the components does not matter in this circuit because the voltage drop and current will be the same no matter what order. The electron flow is instantaneous throughout so order won’t affect it.


4a) What is the minimum resistance required for use with the battery?

V=9V I=20mA

R=V/I = 450 Ohm


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