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Lab 3 Arty Rivera

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a. How would you change the code to make the song play twice as fast?


     int noteDuration = 1000/noteDurations[thisNote];


     int noteDuration = 500/noteDurations[thisNote];


since the pauses are also dependent on the noteDuration int.


b. What song is playing? ;-)

Star Wars (#winning :)



a. What voltage level do you need to power your display?

Power Supply min: 0.3 V 


b. What was one mistake you made when wiring up the display? How did you fix it?

I didn't understand how the pot worked because the explanation in the code led me to believe that it was just a 10kOhm resistor. 


c. What line of code do you need to change to make it flash your name instead of "Hello World"?

Modify line 49 from:

     lcd.print("hello, world!");


     lcd.print("Arty is awesome!");




a. Make a short video showing how your timer works, and what happens when time is up!

Notes: I paid particular attention that the timer always informed its user of what it was doing. For example, as you see in the video, holding down the button during a countdown cancels the countdown and then brings the timer back to its original state. The "Resetting..." message is not strictly necessary, but I put it in to inform the user of the device's "use schema" - the user is reassured beyond doubt that the device has returned to its original state, and no other. A much less noticeable element is that I tried to get the message transition timing and blinking just right, so that the user never found him or herself scrambling to read the message because it disappeared too abruptly, but neither would he or she get impatient with a message that felt like it was staying on the screen for too long.


b. Post a link to the Lab 3 Timers Hall of Fame.


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Wendy Ju said

at 3:23 pm on May 16, 2011

Really can you power your LCD wtih 0.3 V?

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