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Drake's mp3 player Project Page

Page history last edited by Drake Martinet 10 years, 1 month ago

This project definitely stretched my abilities an knowledge, but I knew I'd be out of my element when taking this class. My initial hope for my player was that it would have several features, but it proved difficult for me, with my limited coding experience, to get basic functionality working reliably. I chose to leave my player on the breadboard because i hop to spend some of my break time over the summer adding features like a display and a dial to jog through songs. 


Deisgn POV- 


I decided that I wanted to be the user of my product. I was originally going to build an mp3 player into a bike water-bottle, but after I was recently pulled over, on my bike, for riding with headphones in, I knew I had the perfect problem to solve. 


My point of view is a daily bike commuter who likes to listen to music while he rides, but can no longer do so via his headphones, for fear of getting a ticket. 


Video of the player in action-






Both Verplank Diagrams- The first one is from my original idea, and the second is my revised. 


 EE mp3 Veplank diagrams-Drake Martinet.pdf


My Paper Prototypes for mp3 Player version 2- Bike Rack mounted plauer
























State Diagram



Drake's mp3 Player code (Google Doc)

Comments (1)

Wendy Ju said

at 12:30 pm on Jun 4, 2010

Drake! This is very cool--believable for its use case. I'm sorry you weren't able to be at final presentations to see the other projects, and to show everyone your cool project. Maybe scan the class pages for ideas for amplification!

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