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Jeremy Keeshin - Assignment 5

Page history last edited by Jeremy Keeshin 10 years, 4 months ago

Updated Verplank


Updated interface sketch

GOAL: Simplicity, most basic features

modeled on an iPod shuffle. Play/Pause/Next/Prev/Volume and small.


Who its for: Me

Where it should be used: At home, on the bus, outside ---> goal is small, simple and portable

How to get music on the device: USB connection to store a playlist on the SD card

Visual cues: Big play button, scroll-y thing for volume is intuitive and has been used before

Technology/Mechanical Challenges:

     Making the casing

     Keeping it small


Plan B - I am considering a "shake to get the next song" feature. I would remove this feature in a plan B.



Previous Week: Build Simple MP3 player, with play/pause/playlists/volume control. Completed.

This week: Finalize MP3 player functionality on breadboard

Next week: Gather supplies for final / Begin to make it in lab / Solder pieces on

Week after: Finalize project / Make casing



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