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Page history last edited by camerons 10 years, 6 months ago

Today: 5/9/10 - Final due date: 6/2.  Time to carry out project: 3.5 weeks. Basic functionality due 5/22 (2 weeks)

Each week is divided in half by a space


Week 1:

     Find a remote and receiver pair and begin learning how the remote works

     Draw circuit diagram with the receiver and layout the parts of the Mp3 player in their box design


     Build most of the circuit and test the basics to see that the circuit works mostly

     Write software to be able to switch between songs


Week 2:      

     Complete the circuit and learn about id3 tags and selecting songs etc

     Finish learning about how the remote works and implement it into the interface to get basic control done


     Write code for the interface basics to show functionality

          Select songs

          Sort songs by criteria

     Begin battery recharging


Week 3:   

     Put finishing touches on the interface code

     Get the remote to control the interface


     Sort out the inevitable bugs

     Finish rechargeable batteries


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