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Daniel Capo - Lab 2

Page history last edited by Daniel Capo 10 years, 5 months ago

Twenty LED Light Sketches:



Paper Prototypes:


1) LA Lites! (Light-up Shoes)

2) Illuminated Golf Pins for Twilight Golf

3) Hot 'n' Cold Game

4) Instructional Guitar

5) Parking Meters, Signaling Open Space

6) Blinking Bicycle Rim

7) Signal for Toilet Seat Position

8) Coffee Cup Thermometer

9) Bicycle Pump (Pressure Signal)

10) Light-up Boomerang


My LED Light in Action:


  • Function: Indicates to late-night bathroom users (who often prefer to pee in the dark) whether or not the toilet seat is up.




Seat down, switch exposed, light off:

Side View Revealing How the Lid Clicks the Switch:


(What the bathroom looks like in the dark):







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