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Lab Report Guidelines

Page history last edited by David S 7 years, 8 months ago

Lab reports for EE47 are not meant to be elaborate, nor should they take much time to prepare. They are meant to show that you understand the principles that we are trying to convey in the lab. They are also intended to encourage habits which will help you when you take on larger and more complicated projects.


Lab reports should be uploaded to the course wiki in your personal folder under 'Summer 2013' -> 'Summer 2013 Students'. For places where you have done hand calculations or sketches, scan or photograph your pages and include the image on your page (which you can crop to size if desired). Please upload as a 'wiki' page (as opposed to word documents, etc.).


1. All lab reports must be typed (calculations and sketches are the only exceptions). You can create a wiki page online, edit, and save as you go.


2. At the end of each section in the lab handout, we tell you what we expect to see in the lab report. If these items are omitted, points will be deducted. We do not expect long write-ups; in fact, a short but complete report will serve you well.


3. When answering a question from the lab, include the question that you are answering (to make this easy, you can cut and paste from the wiki). This will make the report easier to grade and will make the TAs a lot happier (that is, more generous).


4. When you have completed your report, upload it (along with any supporting documents, except where indicated) to the course wiki as a 'wiki' page. You can keep supporting files in your student folder, and embed images/videos in your report 'wiki' page.


5. Lab reports are due 1 week after your lab session. A lab's grade will be reduced by 10% for every day that the report is late.


6. We will add comments to your lab reports. Keep them up so everyone can see your cool ideas!

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